Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our LGeOO Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and inquiries Section:

  • Orders

  • How to track your order?

    *Once the shipping label is printed out, you will get confirmation email with your address and order details with appropriate carrier tracking number. You can track your order through Fedex.com or USPS.com

  • When to track your order/package

    *All ready packages are picked up at 5 pm every day. You will be able to track your order/package a day after; there may be some delays with USPS tracking updates for domestic and international orders.

    For further assistance with your tracking info, please do not hesitate to e-mail, call or Email us.
    1.Tel .# 1 719-401-0355

    * If you want to use our voicemail, please leave your name, sales record number or item ID (in case of purchase), telephone number and we will get back to you in timely manner.
    3. Email:[email protected]

  • Can we send your order to another recipient?

    *We only ship the orders to the addresses which are confirmed by eBay and PayPal with your full name on it.
    *There is no exception from this rule.

  • You changed your mind and you want to cancel the order?

    *Please contact us before we process the shipment to cancel the order. Once the item leaves the warehouse, there will be additional charges to cancel and/or send the package back to us.
    *The buyer will be billed based on the actual shipping fee

  • What to do if I received wrong item?

    *In case you received the item which you never ordered, please do not open it and contact us ASAP. We will provide you with a return shipping label at your e-mail address for the replacement. Once wrong one gets our shipping department we will send your correct item with expedited shipping service.

  • What to do if the item is damaged in package?

    *If the item is damaged in package, please contact us right away. We will ask to the carrier to provide return call tag label issued according to our claim to reship the TV back to us or we will e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label for the return. We will either send you a replacement (if the item is in stock), or we will send you a refund.

  • Do I get warranty for the item?

    *We do not grant any warranty by ourselves. You can buy the warranty from Square Trade.
    *Most of the Brands do provide manufacturer warranty.

    For further warranty information, please contact us at:
    1.Tel .# 1 719-401-0355
    2. Email:[email protected]

  • Payments

  • Forms of payment accepted

    *The most preferable way to pay is through PayPal.
    *We do accept major credit cards (Visa, Master card, American express) and the money orders.
    *For credit card charges and information, please call or e-mail us.

  • Delivery

  • When and from where the order will be shipped?

    *We ship the products within 24 hours after payment is received.
    *The order will ship from our warehouse.

    Dsm Holdco, Inc
    875 East Street
    Tewksbury, MA 01876

  • What shipping carriers we use?

    *Our major shipping carriers are FedEx (ground) and USPS.
    *All orders will be shipped through their services unless otherwise requested by the buyer.

  • Estimate delivery time for your package?

    The estimate delivery time for FedEx ground service varies between 1-7 business days. (Please see the shipping chart);
    USPS priority mail takes 3-5 bisiness days, first class mail 5 -7 bisuness days across the continental area (48 states).

  • Where we ship internationally?

    We only sell and ship products to the following areas and countries in the world:
    North and South America, European Union, Australia and New Zeeland, Japan, South Africa.
    Please note: no Televisions for international shipping as well as the item which exceeds 15 lbs.
    (this applies to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, too).

  • Can I pick up the item?

    *All local pick-ups are totally free.
    *Local pick up hours are (Monday through Friday) 12pm - 6pm

    at the following address:

    Dsm Holdco, Inc
    875 East Street
    Tewksbury, MA 01876

    Tel.#: 1 719-401-0355

    *All local pick-up orders must be called in by 4pm the day before the pick-up.
    *Please have your personal ID and order number for all pick-ups.

  • The carrier will not deliver the product unless I sign for it?

    Please note: All TVs and items with more than 50 $ value are insured and marked with signiture confirmation : it is nessesery that the person, whose name is on the shipping label signs for it, unless otherwise requested by the buyer. In case buyer asks for a cancellation of the signiture request , we will not be responsible for any damages or losses.