Legrand - PASS & SEYMOUR RHCL453PTCCCV6 3-Way Single Pole 120V Dimmer

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  • Product Detail:Legrand - PASS & SEYMOUR RHCL453PTCCCV6 3-Way Single Pole 120V Dimmer

    SINGLE POLE/3-WAY DIMMER SWITCH: Single pole or 3-way operation for greater convenience and installation flexibility

    LED DIMMER SWITCH: Best dimmers Switch for LEDS, Works with virtually any dimmable lamp and load on typical residential and light commercial wiring (with the exception of 0-10V LED drivers)

    BEST SLIDING DIMMER SWITCH: Convenient operation—combines ON/OFF paddle switch with separate slider for dimming control. Adjustment dial allows users to adjust the bottom of the dimming range for a wide range of CFL and LED bulbs White LED enables easy location in the dark.

    UNIVERSAL DIMMER SWITCH: Constant memory returns lights to previous level after a power failure. Exclusive black aluminum strap disperses heat to maximize dimmer capacity.

    Rating: 450W LED; CFL; 700W Incandescent; 120VAC, 60Hz

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